Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's Tuesday, day 5 of GF diet. Zoe is doing well with this diet chage. We walked to the coffee shop and park this morning. She played on the playground the whole time. She didn't want to ride in the stroller, and typically she does. Not sure if that's because she gets tired easily, or from the asthma, or from the gluten. From what I've read from others testimonies, people who have been off of Gluten just feel better in general and have more energy and less bloating. Zoe has never really complained of her tummy hurting, but does get tired easily. So for me, it's great to see her with so much more energy.

Breakfast: Trader Joe's strawberry soy yogurt, 3/4 of banana, and a little less than 1 scrabbled egg, 6oz of Silk & Protein mixed berry juice (GMO free.) Yes, a big breakfast today!

Snack: 1 slice Trader Joe's goat cheese, rice crackers, 1 rice cake, and 1/2 apple.

Lunch: 3/4 Trader Joe brown rice Tortilla with melted goat cheese & homemade salsa.

Dinner: Coconut green curry with rice, probably around 8oz if that and 1/4 of a lemongrass chicken and rice noodles/veggies rice roll. She didn't eat much for dinner, but managed to save enough room for GF chocolate chip cookies.

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